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A world free from the exploitation and oppression of nonhuman animals.

This is our vision at Expertise for Animals. But in order to achieve this, we need to improve the position of nonhuman animals in our society.

The good news is that we are not alone on this path.

There are countless organizations, initiatives as well as individuals who are fighting for a fairer world on a daily basis. Expertise for Animals stands on their side and enhances their impact on nonhuman animals. We provide them with high-quality information free of charge on our website.

Scientific research as a catalyst in the movement for nonhuman animals.

Our team of experts creates analyses, reports and articles based on scientific findings. This knowledge acts as a multiplier by making the actions of these stakeholders even more effective.

Become part of our impactful movement!

Your contribution, however small it may be, will change the world for nonhuman animals for the better. Together we can create a future in which the interests and needs of nonhuman animals are fundamentally respected. Are you in?

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If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

Your contact person, Eva Seifert, will be pleased to answer all your remaining questions.



Can I deduct my donation from my taxes?

Yes, as Expertise for Animals is a non-profit organization, you can claim the donation in your income tax return (§10b EstG).

How can I cancel my regular donation?

You can stop your regular donation at any time. To do so, simply write us an email to Your regular payments will then cease.

Can I increase/decrease the amount of my regular donation?

You can increase or decrease the amount of your regular donation at any time. To do so, simply email us to Let us know what new amount you would like to donate regularly to Expertise for Animals and from when it should be changed.

What happens with my donation?

Expertise for Animals offers well-researched content that animal advocacy organizations use in their work. Our information offerings are also intended for the general public to gain insight into human-animal interactions. We rely on your donation to continue to provide these free of charge.

Where can I see what has been done with my donation?

Expertise for Animals publishes an annual transparency report showing how we have used the donations.


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