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Our vision is a world in which all sentient beings have the freedom to lead a self-determined life and are respected and valued as individuals.

With our expertise and experience, we support various actors of animal movements in their work and thereby strengthen them.

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Our mission

We are the interface between scientific knowledge and various actors and organizations of animal movements. We advise them with well-founded animal-related information.



Do you need professional support in the preparation of your campaign? Do you want a fact check by experts before the publication of your article or book? Do you need help in the preparation of a position paper? Do you want the figures and data on your homepage to be up-to-date? Do you have similar concerns and questions that require professional expertise?

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Information offered

Since its beginnings, the understanding of animal protection has been based on scientific findings. Since 1972, the German Animal Protection Act has been based in particular on veterinary and ethological knowledge of non-human animals. We therefore find it important that organizations of animal movements, journalists, decision-makers and other actors active in the field of human-animal relations base their work on current and recognized research.
As an interface between scientific findings and the above-mentioned actors, we provide well-prepared knowledge in this area.

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