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November 29, 2023

Your donation makes Expertise for Animals even more effective. Find out more about the impact of your support.

How your donations make a difference

We have dedicated ourselves to the task of using scientific findings for the benefit of non-human animals.

‍This is how we solve the problem that up to now, the majority of research findings have been used to further optimize animal husbandry instead of criticizing it.

‍With your help, we will bring the latest research from animal welfare science into the animal movements.

What impact does your donation have?

Your donation supports us in realizing our mission:

Expertise for Animals acts as an interface between science and animal movements.

This means that we carry out consultations and evaluate and publish well-founded, animal-related information.

With the help of our work, animal movements can use current and recognized scientific findings for the benefit of non-human animals. Thanks to your help, we strengthen the animal movements!

Instead of conducting our own campaigns and petitions, we provide other organizations and stakeholders with scientific findings on animal welfare. This is because scientific findings play a central role in the debates on non-human animals.

Our support takes various forms. We can look back on 10 successful consultancy projects. In order to make the processed knowledge available to as many people as possible, we have expanded our digital communication and regularly publish our specialist work:

  • 1 white paper on tethering cattle
  • 12 background articles on nonhuman animals in agriculture
  • 2 position papers
  • 2 podcast interviews
  • 1 radio interview
  • Over 50 social media posts on specific animal-related topics

New publications of Expertise for Animals

We have had several successes with our white paper on tethering in particular. So far, 10 articles on our white paper have been published. Among others the following have reported on the report:

Two animal organizations consolidate their campaigns with our white paper. PETA Germany is using the report's findings in their current campaign against tethering. The German Animal Lobby (Deutsche Tierlobby) is basing their guidelines on tethering on our report.

To ensure that the white paper has a long-term impact, we have endeavored to have it included in specialist libraries.

The library of Justus Liebig University Giessen and the library of the Foundation for the Animal in Law (Stiftung für das Tier im Recht) now have the report in their collections. We have also made the white paper freely available on the scientific platforms ResearchGate and Academia.

Our effort leads to impact

Why your donation makes a difference

Thanks to your donation, we improve the level of knowledge about non-human animals within the animal movements. Campaigns, educational work, complaints, protest actions and undercover recordings benefit from our work. Please help us!‍

15 Euro - Information material

With 15 euros you support us in providing animal-related knowledge in the form of information material.

50 Euro - Further veterinarian training

With 50 euros you make it possible for us to attend animal-related training courses and to pass on our knowledge to the animal movements.

100 Euro - Pro Bono advice

With 100 euros you help us to carry out pro bono consultations and strengthen the animal movements.

300 euros - Specialist information

With 300 euros you finance research for our white papers. In these we publish specialist information on specific animal-related topics.

How do we use your donation?

Our areas of activity

Expertise for Animals combines a value-driven approach with strategic organizational management. Following the successful foundation, we now focus on three areas of activity:

  • Providing expert advice to animal movements
  • Processing facts and knowledge and making them available free of charge
  • Networking

Thanks to you, we are available as professional contacts for the animal movements. Organizations, alliances, individual actors and activists can contact us at any time. We support them with background knowledge. We work with organizations and individuals that we find worthy of support as far as we can within the framework of pro bono collaborations. As a non-profit organization, our focus is on covering costs and not on profit.

The animal movements already have strong arguments on their side: industrialized animal husbandry leads to animal suffering and is responsible for billions of deaths. Expertise for Animals completes the argument with current science-based facts. We process data and make it available to project partners. As a non-profit organization, we also provide self-initiated digital knowledge and information services for the public.

Networking is an important building block for us. We regularly exchange ideas with local and international colleagues and academics. We see networking and exchange with others, also interdisciplinary, as an enrichment and essential part of our work. With this approach, we strive for mutual support and joint projects. Through this exchange, we are constantly learning and developing ourselves and the organization.

We work transparently

We pay attention to diligence and transparency in our work. Every year, we publish our activity report and annual financial statements. In them we describe our work and our impact. The documents provide you with an up-to-date insight into our activities at all times. In our activity reports, you will also find information on the origin and use of funds at Expertise for Animals. Our communication is designed to ensure that you can fully understand our activities, organizational structure, finances and impact logic. Our reports arrrently only available in German. If you are interested in further information, please reach out to us.

As a non-profit and values-driven organization, we act responsibly:

Find out more about Expertise for Animals' unique approach here.

What does the future hold?

So far, we have mainly been able to finance our work through contracts and large sums of funding. We are facing a major challenge in the coming year. We need to close our funding gap for 2024!

Your donation will help us to successfully carry out our activities and services.

Our focus is on constantly improving and expanding our services. We plan to publish more factual reports and science-based evaluations.

We are currently preparing the next white paper and further background articles. We also want to expand our pro bono consultations so that more actors in the animal movements can benefit from our work.

We plan to publish new position papers and asks on key issues relevant to animal welfare. We will use this format to underpin critical demands with veterinary expertise.

In addition to these goals, we are also keeping an eye on our organizational development. In the coming year, we will focus our attention on stabilizing our infrastructure and consolidating our organizational culture. With your help, we will achieve our internal and external goals!

How you can help

Together we can achieve more. Support us with your donation!

You can deduct your donation from your taxes, as Expertise for Animals is a non-profit organization.

Your donation will change the world for the better for non-human animals.

Together we can create a future in which the interests and needs of non-human animals are fundamentally respected. Are you in?




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