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January 26, 2023

Expertise for Animals supports Schweitzer Foundation with a position paper.

New position paper on stunning procedures of "fattening pigs”

The Albert Schweitzer Foundation published a new position paper on the different stunning methods used in the slaughter of "fattening pigs".

Expertise for Animals prepared the paper, which presents the current state of studies on the stunning of "fattening pigs" at slaughter. Currently, there is no comparable position paper on this topic in the German-speaking animal advocacy that is based on such extensive references.

This is exactly where Expertise for Animals comes in: To present facts in a well-founded way and to make knowledge available!

The publication serves to pass on sound information on the stunning of pigs to companies in the food industry so that they raise their animal welfare standards.

In addition, the collection helps politicians, journalists, experts and the interested public to access the current state of knowledge on stunning in the context of pig slaughter.

The results in detail

The paper describes the common stunning methods of "fattening pigs":

  • Stunning with carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • Electric stunning
  • stunning with other gases and gas mixtures

In addition, the position paper gives an insight into alternatives currently under discussion:

  • stunning with helium
  • stunning with low atmospheric pressure stunning (LAPS)
  • stunning with a foam enriched with nitrogen

For each method, there is a collection of advantages and disadvantages based on scientific evidence, as well as a conclusion with regard to effective and immediate stunning.

Effective against animal suffering

Slaughter and the associated suffering for animals has been a matter of public concern for many years. Undercover footage documenting recurrent violations of animal welfare regulations illustrates the abuses. But even the legally accepted methods are characterised by false stunning rates and cause enormous suffering.

Argumentatively, the paper not only serves to improve animal welfare guidelines in the animal industry. The paper facilitates information gathering to inform the public and decision makers about the suffering in the slaughter industry.

The debate on less suffering-inducing methods is essential in animal advocacy work. However, we always keep in mind that even stunning methods that cause less suffering are still part of the exploitation of non-human animals and in the end causes them the greatest possible harm, death.

The position paper provides the current basis for raising awareness on the issue of animal welfare. It bundles valid facts on more than 20 pages. The position paper is freely and easily accessible.

Expertise for Animals advises actors working on behalf of non-human animals. We make animal-relevant scientific findings usable and attach great importance to source-based work.

Do you need well-founded information on animal-related issues? Rely on our expertise and experience. Contact us here or send us an email at

Please contact us, if you are interested in the english version of the position paper.




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