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September 25, 2023

Stephanie Kowalski joins our team. Since September, she has been contributing her many years of experience and knowledge to Expertise for Animals.

The expertise is growing – we welcome our new team member!

Expertise for Animals puts supporting and strengthening animal movements at the center of our mission. It is with great pleasure that we introduce our newest team member today. We welcome Stephanie Kowalski, who has been bringing her knowledge of non-human animals to Expertise for Animals since September.

Stephanie Kowalski is a veterinarian and has worked for non-profit organizations for the protection of non-human animals for many years. She has acquired extensive animal-related knowledge during that time period over the years and has built up a good network of contacts in the animal movements.

More expertise!

With her years of experience, knowledge and passion for the issue, she is a great support to Expertise for Animals. Her motivation to establish animal-free alternative methods in teaching brought Stephanie to the animal movement full-time. Over the years, other subject areas were added: By evaluating and processing research material, she repeatedly helped expose abuses involving farmed animals. With her, we effectively implement our mission. We are getting closer to our vision of a world without exploitation of sentient beings.

Stephanie Kowalski decided to work with Expertise for Animals because she values presenting knowledge about animal-specific topics in a way that is appropriate for the target group. The application process showed that we share a common vision and that our values are aligned.

Stephanie Kowalski enriches us with her knowledge and experience on different levels. On the professional side, she supports us in advising organizations and individual actors and prepares expertise for our website. She also contributes to the economic management of our organization.

We are pleased that Stephanie Kowalski has been working in our team on the same hierarchical level in the organizational structure from the very beginning. Working together as equals underscores our commitment to an open and cooperative work culture in which we all value each other equally as a team. Her opinions and ideas have an important place in our decision-making processes. This is how we ensure that we act effectively and in a goal-oriented manner as an organization.

The start of Stephanie Kowalski's work at Expertise for Animals marks another milestone and illustrates that our organization is constantly growing. We look forward to working together. Together, we are driving our efforts for a world in which all sentient beings have the freedom to live self-determined lives and are respected and valued as individuals.

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