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Do you need professional support in the preparation of your campaign? Do you want a fact check by experts before the publication of your article or book? Do you need help in the preparation of a position paper? Do you want the figures and data on your homepage to be up-to-date? Do you have similar concerns and questions that require professional expertise?

We offer expert and science-based advice on animal welfare-related issues and other related issues. Our services are aimed at organizations, decision-makers, activists and journalists who work for nonhuman animals and other social issues.

Through our professional training, long-term professional experience in the field of animal protection and animal rights as well as efforts for further training, we are qualified contact persons in animal protection-relevant and related questions. Our current focus is mainly on nonhuman animals in agriculture.

Our consulting activities are charged. However, our organization is a non-profit organization, which means that the revenue is used to cover costs and not profit. Our prices depend on the funds of the client. For organizations and individuals who lack the financial resources, which we find ideal to support, we offer pro bono activities.


Knowledge collections, databases and research


Position papers and asks

Lectures and workshops

Monitoring and analysis

Monitor, analyse and classify developments, current debates and scientific findings on animal welfare and animal-related topics.