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November 18, 2023

Celebrate our two-year anniversary with us. We look back on our milestones to date.

We are celebrating our birthday: Expertise for Animals turns 2 years old‍

Two years have passed since we, Eva, Marietheres and Sophie, signed the founding documents for Expertise for Animals gGmbH in Berlin. This milestone was preceded by several months of intensive work. We spent a lot of time talking to each other, developing our Theory of Change and creating a shared mission statement.

Our milestones

We can now look back on numerous milestones. We have completed our first white paper. With the publication of "Breaking the Chains: A Comprehensive Report on the Tethering of Cattle.", we are following our mission to strengthen animal movements.

Another milestone is the growth of Expertise for Animals. Almost two years after our foundation, we are now working as a team of four. Veterinarian Stephanie Kowalski joined our team in September 2023.

Over the past two years, we have worked with various organizations and individuals. We were guests on german speaking podcasts (Gans Normal Vegan, Tier & Jetzt), created fact sheets and specialist articles for our website, evaluated photo and video material and gave lectures.

Our German 2022 and 2021 activity reports give a detailed overview of our first two years of operation.

We are already working together on the next white paper. This time we are looking at the barren housing environment of so-called broiler chickens and the attempts at environmental enrichment. Like the first white paper, we are also making this one freely available. We strive to ensure that scientific findings are used for the benefit of non-human animals.

We receive requests for cooperation and pro bono consultations on a weekly basis. The positive response to our activities and the increasing demand encourage us in our work. By founding Expertise for Animals, we have clearly created something that facilitates and strengthens the work of animal movements.

New working culture

With the founding of Expertise for Animals, we are not only breaking new ground in terms of content, but also reshaping the way we work together.

Although we all work in different locations, we regularly exchange information online. In addition to technical and administrative topics, discussing individual needs has a fixed place in our meetings. This allows us to react quickly and adapt our working methods where necessary.

Stephanie's arrival at Expertise for Animals was also a milestone because we brought someone from "outside" to our founding team. A person who takes a fresh look at our organization. How will they perceive our working culture? Does what we have developed and built up over the months make sense at all? But our worries were unfounded.

The four of us are starting the third year of Expertise for Animals and are looking forward to the upcoming projects and challenges that we will overcome together.

We would like to say thank you to everyone who supports us.

Together with you, we are committed to a world without the exploitation and oppression of non-human animals. Sign up for our newsletter and be the first to find out about important background topics and new publications.




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